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  • Mike Smukler, MS, LMHC

Demystify 'mindfulness'...

It's become a buzz word that conjures notions of a mystical state of being. Mindfulness simply means awareness.

Why 'mindfulness'?

Most of the time, we are all on autopilot. Awareness of our environment, senses, and emotion is information. Training ourselves to notice this information, without judgement or analysis, is grounding while allowing for more informed choices. Do you want to feel more grounded and make more informed choices?

How 'mindfulness'?

It helps to be in a calm state of mind. There's also the caveat of reserving judgement and not thinking. That said, it can all start with a footstep. Really focus your attention on your foot on the floor and then begin to notice other information from each of your senses. Any activity can be done mindfully. Notice every detail of your experience the next time you wash your hands. This is just the beginning. In a way, it can have an effect of slowing things down. That's what you want, to have the whole universe slow down for you so you can notice more. If everything's slower, you can even notice the subtle moods, desires, and needs in your emotion. The "how" starts with letting yourself slow down every once in a while and calmly cultivate awareness.

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