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"Is teletherapy as effective as in-person therapy?"

Yes, research has shown equal positive outcomes between in-person and teletherapy for adults. Like everyone, I started teletherapy in March 2020. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that sessions online were just as helpful to clients as meeting in-person. The screens between us often seem to disappear during sessions. 

I'm connecting with people from anywhere in Massachusetts, and there's no commute for either of us. The SimplePractice software is intuitive, convenient, and secure with online scheduling, billing, messaging, and video calls. All of my sessions are now online or by phone, it's better than you may think.


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"What and how will I be charged?"

The initial session will take around 55 minutes at $250 and standard sessions last about 45 minutes at $200. 


The card on file is charged after each session and can be any credit/debit or FSA/HSA. I can offer reduced fees on a limited basis for those not using insurance who cannot afford the full fee.

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"Do you accept insurance?"

I'm currently accepting new clients in-network with BlueCross BlueShield, Harvard Pilgrim, or Tufts (including 'connector'). Enter your insurance information when prompted; You pay nothing up front for an initial session, until insurance pays their portion of the claim. Then I know the actual copay and will charge to the card on file at that time. 

ANY other health insurance that offers out-of-network benefits, typically a PPO plan, can be used to get partially reimbursed for our sessions. Just let me know that you need a "superbill" (the receipt for insurance companies) and you'll get one monthly. The sessions are out-of-pocket upfront, then you submit the "superbill" to insurance and get a large portion paid to you from the insurance company. Check with your insurance company for details. I'm registered with the app Reimbursify to expedite the process.

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