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Live Authentically & Practice Empathy

About Me
Any of these getting in your way? I may be able to help.

Worry, Panic, Fear, Tension, Overthinking, Social Anxiety, Irritability, Rage, Frustration, Injustice, Resentment, Moving, Career, School, Loss, Quarter-Life Crisis, Major Choices


I’m a licensed mental health counselor specializing in anxiety, anger, and change. I'm eager to be helpful, and I’ll see the potential in you. Counseling is a unique relationship. Like your friends or family, counselors genuinely care about you and your quality of life. Unlike most friends or family, counselors are specially trained, only interested in you, and guaranteed private. Counselors are as different from each other as teachers, the same content and methods can be a completely different experience. It’s important to choose the best counselor for you. I hope this site helps in your search.  If you think we’d be a good fit, please request an appointment

Spring Mountain

While these are the areas where I've been most helpful, I can work on a myriad of issues with all sorts of people. 


Examine the sources and triggers for awareness, explore what keeps your actions under your control.


Confront your fears and learn how to trust yourself. Move more confidently in the world.


Increase comfort with uncertainty. Live in the moment, live it as it unfolds. Find yourself and trust yourself.

Pine Tree

The crux of many issues involve a sense of control. Anger, anxiety, and change include a component of feeling insufficient control. When things get to extremes, it can even meet criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis. Everyone experiences control differently, but when anyone feels enough fear or rage, their lives can get disrupted.


I offer a refuge to just talk and be real, without judgement, and work together on what's most important to you. We can learn from the past, train to be more intentional, gain clarity of purpose, and live a more balanced life. 


Counseling is an investment. The money you spend on therapy is money you’re spending on your wellbeing, your future, and your peace of mind. The right counselor is an invaluable guide and resource in your journey to a better life. Choosing to invest in therapy is one way to create the kind of life you want to live.​

Individual Sessions

I meet with Massachusetts adults using Telehealth. Get started by requesting a meeting, or email me with your situation.

“Mike helps me connect with my own humanness. During our interactions, I get to see myself with gentleness and compassion, instead of shame and guilt. He has a calming, relatable presence. Working with him has been a truly incredible experience.”

Monique Figueiredo

(former Supervisee)

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